Get The Look: Shaker

Many interior lovers turn to sleeker, simplified kitchens which truly make Shaker style a clear favourite

The Look

Shaker kitchens were traditionally made from best but least expensive wood available. Fruit or pine wood was often used, resulting in the quintessential light-wood look. Modern Shaker kitchen designs incorporate mixed materials and various wood types to make a quality long-lasting kitchen.

Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets

The Shaker kitchen is based on utility and simplicity. Each cabinet will have a use and be designed accordingly. The doors are without adornment, and usually comprise four wide frame pieces with a flat panel in the middle.

The frame is constructed with traditional dovetail joints that hark back to its humble origins. While the original shaker kitchens would retain the natural look, modern Shaker kitchen cabinets can be stained or painted.

Shaker kitchen cabinet colours are usually muted but depending on the rest of the interior can be bold, contemporary, traditional or minimalist to suit any style.

Shaker Hardware

The doorknobs and handles of shaker kitchens were traditionally made from the same wood as the rest of the unit because metal versions were seen as too elaborate.

However most new Shaker Kitchens mimic the original look with minimal and humble handles as they look best on Shaker cabinets.

Finishing your Shaker Kitchen

The simple lines of the cabinetry means that it can easily complement any style of kitchen. You can keep it traditional or add touches to give a modern twist.

Add Deep Colour

Shaker kitchens were unpainted and usually just treated with oil. However, by using deep, bold colours you can bring your kitchen into the 21st Century. For a dramatic kitchen you can use black or navy. Using dark counter tops and light shaker kitchen door fronts will create a modern twist or add some warmth and contrast with light wood, wicker, and brass.

Keep Things Natural

A shaker style oak kitchen or another natural wood like maple, pine, cherry or walnut will honour the original principles of the style.

White shaker cabinets with solid wood work tops will create a beautiful country-style interior.

Minimalist & Modern

Even though it’s origin is very traditional, the Shaker kitchen style can be a very modern look.

You can use a two-tone look to add style and create contrast and a modern design, using light cabinets and dark cabinets in the same kitchen. Solid surface counter tops are also a great way to add a modern twist or opt for a gloss finish.

Contemporary Edge

Contemporary shaker kitchen cabinets with glass add an edgy twist to the beloved classic. Or use a bevelled edge to add a little more detail to the overall look. A contemporary shaker style kitchen can accompany the most modern interior to transform it into a super trendy cooking zone.

Styling Tips

Add open shelving to create a space that is both useful and puts decorative items on display, its a great way to personalise your kitchen.

Pick complementing items in natural materials like ceramics and copper to complement the style

A Shaker kitchen island is another easy way to create more storage and useful work space as well as to display items that are used often in a kitchen; salt and pepper shakers or utensil containers are great examples.

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