What is a Shaker Kitchen?

The Shaker kitchen style was founded in the late 1700’s by the Shaker religious community who believed in modesty and simplicity with every object in the home having a practical use. The Shaker Kitchen style is distinctly minimal with a clean-lined design that has little or no decoration, the cabinets have a square frame and recessed panel profile. The panel can be split into one or more sections by using pieces know as mid-rails. They were traditionally constructed from pine, cherry or maple wood, however, are now often produced from more sustainable woods such as oak or birchwood. The quality of the timber and fundamental functionality of the cabinetry is the essence of a Shaker Kitchen.

These Kitchens take an orderly approach maintaining an uncluttered and organised design, creating an understated and elegant aesthetic.

The Shaker Kitchen is still vastly popular due to its timeless design, usefulness and simplicity, you can find a Shaker kitchen in modern, traditional, high-end and budget homes alike. The recessed panels can be bevelled or plain to create a detailed or more minimal look. Colour schemes are usually muted to maintain an elegant and simple design.

Kitchen islands are a popular addition to a shaker style kitchen boosting the functionality of the space.

Who are the Shakers?

The Shakers, officially The United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearance, was a religious sect founded in England in 1783. They were initially part of the Quakers until the mid-18th century.

Equality was the cornerstone of their faith alongside pacifism and communal ownership of property. To the Shakers, to create something with intention was a form of meditative prayer. Consequently, items were made with the principle that beauty rests in utility and avoided unnecessary adornment that they believed was too self-indulgent.

The Shaker Kitchen Design

There are a few basic principles for an ‘authentic’ Shaker kitchen.

First is minimalist designs and clean lines, a simple cabinet frame and door which is repeated throughout the room, this is part of the reason the Shaker style remains so popular. This minimalist approach separates the style from other old-fashioned designs.

The doors are usually wood-grain, but many homeowners will opt for painted cabinets. These colours are often muted, with blues, whites and creams. But, you can add a more contemporary flair for a more modern, bespoke look.

The Benefits Of A Shaker Kitchen

The main benefits to a Shaker Style Kitchen are:

1) A timeless look – The minimalist design of the kitchen means that there is a homely feel which is unlikely to go out of fashion.

2) There is no excuse for an untidy kitchen! Part of the Shaker design is its usefulness, every cabinet has a purpose, every item has its place. It should also be easy to find appliances, utensils and other items.

3) Built to last – the top craftsmanship and use of materials has many long-term benefits. The Kitchen remains functional and beautiful for a long time to come.

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