The coronavirus pandemic has changed every part of life, but how has it changed the face of kitchen design?

The pandemic has changed design forever. Even now that the virus is more under control, many businesses see home working as the new way forward.

With more people choosing to carry out their job from home, what was the ‘heart of the home’ has had to up its game.

54% of homeowners expect to spend over half their week working from home according to new research, prompting one manager to suggest: “There’s a clear opportunity for designers, retailers and fitters to advise customers on the best way to create a more permanent working-from-home solution.”

Broken Plan Kitchens

Broken-plan kitchens are growing in popularity. The concept of a Broken Plan kitchen is that it utilises zoned-off areas across one space.

This gives flexibility of a single multifunctional living space, but with subtle elements of separation, such as glass doors or dividing up the space with pocket doors that disappear into a recessed compartment when not in use.

it is now clear that whole families are at home together juggling working from home and home schooling, so requirements for quiet spaces to concentrate, work and relax are more important than ever.

Also with the lockdown having had some great weather, there is a greater trend for indoor/outdoor living space to be made by open- and broken-plan spaces reaching out into the garden and providing more social space.

The most important thing to bear in mind is storage to keep your kitchen looking clear and sleek. Whether it is under-island counters, floor-to-ceiling units, or above the stove top, make the most of the space.

If there’s one thing Ashton Lewis Kitchens have always been good at, it is adapting our designs to what our clients need. And that has never been more important.