Kitchens / Finishes


Gloss Kitchens can create a super modern look to any kitchen, using clean, simple lines and perfect symmetry.

Other benefits to a gloss kitchen include:

  1. Easy cleaning is one of the main advantages of high gloss kitchens. Any stains or marks simply wipe off with a damp cloth.
  2. The doors will have a reflective nature meaning light will be able to travel around the room. this will make any kitchen feel like it has gained a few extra feet of space.
  3. Ashton Lewis offer a wide range of colour options, there is much more variety from light shades and darker colours depending on what design you are going for.

Gloss finish on cabinetry reflects the abundance of light from the window and will no doubt get your creative juices flowing.

A sleek glass finish can brighten any space with a luxurious glow and can open your home to so many possibilities.

Create the ultimate in contemporary style with the high-quality finish of Gloss for the best in luxury, stylish kitchen living.

Modern urban living at its finest serving a versatile kitchen with extra counter and drawer space for cooking and entertaining.

Experience a durable and flawless finish with Gloss’s cutting-edge design to meet both your practical and aesthetic demands.


Ashton Lewis Kitchens has noticed that recently an option that continues to grow in popularity is a matte kitchen.

  1. One of the biggest advantages of a matte kitchen is that it will fit with traditional and contemporary designs and in most sizes of kitchen. They also blend beautifully with other finishes.
  2. Matte finishes absorb light rather than reflect it on the surface. This means matte kitchens will not show up any stains, smudges or fingerprints that you might get in a gloss kitchen finish.
  3. Matte Kitchens can create dramatic looks, The textures of the cabinets and worktops are particularly good when placed in larger kitchens and open floor interiors, as they create an expansive feel to the space.
Add curved doors on your island or in the corners of your units, to bring in a softer design with added storage capacity.

This ultra chic Matte Mussel finish is a statement for your kitchen with a pronounced food prep area or social spot.

Matte Porcelain finish featuring quadrant mouldings and an end panel creates a streamlined clean feel for your kitchen.

The style of this Matte finish is simplistic but still emphasizes a contemporary class that combines elements for a clean, crisp look.

A Matte finish for a kitchen helps mix things up like this light grey , dust grey & graphite for a cool contemporary look.


Textured kitchen doors are on trend due to their authentic look and feel which are easy to uphold and maintain.

Some advantages of textured doors are:

  1. Textured doors result in an interesting design finish to add unique and dramatic design to your kitchen
  2. The doors are super realistic, meaning you can create a kitchen design and style to suit your tastes.
  3. They pair well with other finishes and styles to add something a little different to your kitchen.

The natural ash grain texture of these doors can be stained in any colour to suit your kitchen and add detail.

Why not try a unique oxidised look for your doors to add a feature, like this oxidised cooper finish on the island?

The mesmerising mix of a smooth brass finish and Marine painted wood complements each other perfectly.

Each door has a unique grain structure and is randomly selected to add a natural look to the complete kitchen.

Using the rustic criss-crossed texture on the oak wall units against the matte drawers makes a contrasting and striking feature.


Natural oak wood doors are beautiful and fully impress the grain and character associated with traditional farmhouse kitchens.

Why should you choose an Oak Kitchen?

  1. Oak Kitchens are timeless, they have been around for years and are still popular now.
  2. Oak kitchens have a luxurious look.
  3. They are built to last, oak kitchens have an extremely long life and durability. Plus they are easy to repair if something does happen.

This kitchen is stunning with inset handles and smooth, clean lines to create this perfect contemporary kitchen.

This Range brings exquisitely clean design to your kitchen with an array of 28 different door styles to choose from.

Oak…and Ivory, is a wonderfully quaint and modern Shaker style kitchen that creates a tailored design.

Oak kitchens are designed for modern living featuring a working over mantle to complement the elegant island.

Traditional elements of Oak set in modern lines highlight this elegantly simple and well-architected kitchen design.

Painted wood

Solid timber cabinets primed and painted to a specific colour adds a level character through the grain of the door.

Other popular reasons to pick a painted wooden kitchen include:

  1. They create a luxurious look.
  2. They have a long life and are built to last. They are easy to repair or touch-up, however painted doors can chip or scratch under heavy use, but can be repaired or touched up as needed.
  3. Ashton Lewis Kitchens offer a huge range of colour options, and not only that you can always re-paint them if you decide to change your kitchen in the future.

This innovative design combined with the contemporary styling allows for an authentic and sophisticated kitchen.

This traditional kitchen design is so expertly crafted and creates a premium look and feel within a reasonable budget.

The innovative design with sloped internal profile and prominent v-grooves offers a contemporary twist.

This Shaker design is chic and stylish with simple details and a selection of designer accessories sure to please.

Simple tailored design makes this kitchen an ideal solution for a modern, Shaker style kitchen with tailored design.