Kitchens / Styles


This simple style has experienced a new popularity of late, because of it’s great look and functionality across your entire home.

Shaker doors have been around for a long time and are a popular choice among modern buyers, because:

  1. The Shaker doors are composed of a square frame with a recessed panel, creating a clean symmetrical look.
  2. There is great aesthetic appeal in the simplicity of the Shaker kitchen. The Shaker’s belief in clutter-free functionality means there is no unnecessary adornment and anything not needed is not there. The result of this is the understated beauty of this style.
  3. Shaker kitchens have a timeless appeal, the clean look means they won’t date with age. Not only is this great for those planning to live in their homes long-term but will also appeal to potential buyers.

The stunning simplicity of this shaker-style door is accentuated by its narrow frame and striking colour for a decidedly modern look.

This ornately constructed shaker door with its raised centre panel, in oak or any painted finish, will bring your kitchen to a different level.

Show your country side with a Shaker kitchen including a subtle V-groove and a foil-wrapped range, for a more cost conscious buyer.

The warmth of Light Oak and Ivory evokes an inviting feeling with specially-designed open shelving to offer abundant storage space.

This traditional door with beaded centre panel finds a more modern setting using a simple linear cornice which reflects the architecture.


In-frame kitchens rely on a traditional technique of being sturdy and built-to-last. Perfect for a modern, busy kitchen.

Ashton Lewis Kitchens’ top three reasons to choose an In-frame kitchen are:

  1. An in-Frame kitchen is a beautiful option recognised for its craftsmanship. The style is defined by smaller doors that sit within the cabinet frame, the precise measurements means the door sits perfectly within the frame.
  2. In-frame kitchens are built using traditional techniques that require extreme attention to detail, resulting in a kitchen that is usually more resistant to marks and not likely to sag over time.
  3. While a more traditional style, in-frame kitchens can be given a modern twist with a variety of finishes and colours. From natural wooden finishes to bight and bold colour choices these kitchens have it all. There are many elements to help customise these kitchens too, such as curved doors and specific storage solutions.

Bring home a stunning inframe kitchen painted Parisian Blue and Stone to make a luxurious finish with Calacatta Porcelain worktops.

The epitome of true elegance, an in-frame kitchen painted Slate Blue and Porcelain brings both style and substance to your home.

Ornately detailed in-frame design with numerous accessories featuring a superb quality painted finish and visible wood grain.

This detailed in-frame design allows for elegant combinations of pristine quality painted wood grain finish and craftsmanship.

An In-frame kitchen painted Deep Forest, with a large island, creating a balance between cooking and living space.


Handleless Kitchens are extremely popular because the flow and aesthetic are efficient and uninterrupted, in any finish.

There are several reasons we handle handleless kitchens, here are just some:

  1. They create a clean, timeless and uncluttered look. This means they are super versatile and can be used in several design possibilities, including extending the look into other areas of the home.
  2. Handleless Kitchens also save space over a handled design, which can be particularly important for smaller kitchens, with push to open mechanisms easily enabling access.
  3. Handleless Kitchens are easier to clean as they require a quick and simple wipe down, which also makes them more hygienic.

An eclectic design with bold colours and quirky architecture is certainly a statement space, creating a seamless flow from kitchen to living room.

Combine the linear detailing of a handleless door with a subtle shaker frame and capture traditional styling with a contemporary twist.

These cutting-edge doors integrate a J-handle to perfectly accommodate a handleless blend of daring tone-on-tone styling.

A matte finish lends itself well to partnering textured and dramatic elements like rustic cross-scratched oak with push-open doors.

The combination of true handleless rails, and push-to-open doors conjures a true sense of balance in beauty and functionality.

Slab Doors

Our passionate and elegant designs offer clean, fresh modernity and Slab Doors create a perfect modern kitchen with the latest innovation.

Wood may be seen as a traditional material for kitchens but with new finishes to both real wood and wood-look doors, their quality can provide a stunning modern look to any kitchen.

The adaptability if this slab door allows for a myriad of possibilities when it cones to devising your serene kitchen, with a mix of slab doors and handleless.

Slab doors in real wood veneer brings a trio of complementary finished together in this rectilinear kitchen design with floor-to-ceiling units.

This slab door in Dust Grey introduces a fusion of timber and brick to your kitchen that adds many creative variations to your overall design.

Slab doors in a gloss  White and Light Grey with White Marble and Solid Oak worktops showcase a dual-level island and ample Bespoke storage.

A stunning open-plan living space with bold decor choices showcases this stunning slab door kitchen in Slate Blue with endless design possibilities.