We are very excited to announce that NEFF are launching their new dishwashers with Dish Care.

What’s New?

Every dishwasher will now include the following features:

• Speed on demand – Flexibility when you need faster program times.
• New Fascias – for entry and value, offering brand differential
• Glass Supports – for stemware and regular glasses
• New Basket and Pull Out System – for improved loading and comfort
• Gap Illumination – visible in all built-in solutions
• Open Dry – automatic door opening for improved drying
• Connectivity in every Class – improved user interface and future updates.

New User Interface

The new interface has been designed to improve the ease of use and functions available.

New Pull Outs and Baskets

Each dishwasher will be fitted with the new running baskets which offer more usability and comfort. The Running Baskets will be fitted with rack stoppers to prevent the lower basket from de-railing. Low-friction wheels means smooth and quite rolling. The wheels are all upgraded to ball bearing wheels for easy pullout, and low power and effort in the upper basket. Each dishwasher will also be fitted with Quattro roller holders to prevent ‘wiggle’ in the top basket.
The bottom baskets now have higher side walls therefore more support for taller items such as baking trays and chopping boards as well as improved stemware support and a broader handle for ease of use.
In addition, the dishwashers top baskets will be fitted with an improved glassware system. This includes Anti-slip insets for glassware, stemware and regular glassware support and secure hold. The improved ergonomics also mean the dishwashers will improve detergent distribution.

Gap Illumination

This solution is available when Infolight or Timelight options are not suitable. The Gap illumination lights the gap between the furniture fronts to allow the user to see if the dishwasher is still running its cycle therefore removing the need to open the door.

Home Connect

This is now available across all classes, Home Connect offers a simple user interface to access dishwasher settlings keeping appliances safe, secure and up to date.
The app provides mid-cycle control options as well as Speed on Demand for then you need a faster program, Silence on Demand with up to 30 minutes of noise reduction and will save favourite program options and combinations.

New Drying Features

The consumer can now choose whether to activate automatic door opening at the end of a cycle, this is useful for harder to dry loads and improves the energy efficiency of the dishwasher. It can also be activated via the Home Connect App.

For more information on these new dishwashers or on other items we have available please get it touch.

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