Ashton Lewis Kitchens houses an array of appliance brands to accommodate your family’s growing kitchen needs.


At Ashton Lewis Kitchens we pride ourselves on working with the hottest brands available for your kitchen.

We work with several leading manufacturers to bring you the best appliances from Neff, Bosch, Hotpoint and more…

Invented for life

Bosch home appliances have been making everyday life a bit easier for decades. They help get your housework finished faster, while improving the quality of your life.

Understanding your Kitchen

Fisher & Paykel’s proud heritage is founded on a pioneering spirit and a culture of curiosity that has challenged conventional appliance design for decades.

Inspired by your home

Hotpoint appliances are built to work as hard as you. What began more than 100 years ago is still going strong in each of our appliances we use every day.

Inspiring your kitchen creativity

Neff set out to develop ideas which embody what enthusiastic cooks are looking for. Household appliances ideal for anyone who enjoys creating great food.

Technology for your Kitchen

Brilliant innovation you never expected, but come to rely on at home everyday, that maximise user convenience and make your lives better.


Looking for something specific? We work with several appliance manufactures so you can find exactly what you are looking for.

It takes all types as the expression goes and we believe in the appliances we install, no matter your kitchen design…or your “type” of cooking.


Whether you’re looking for a steam oven or a combination microwave we work with brands to get what you’re looking for.


See Ashton Lewis Kitchens’ range of washing machines and tumble dryers from our brand partners to help on laundry day.


Freestanding, integrated, slimline and the most up to date technology available, no matter who is doing the dishes.

Sinks and taps

Ashton Lewis Kitchens provide a variety of options for sinks and taps to produce sparkling, boiling or filtered water on demand.


Looking for a new fridge, freezer or wine cooler? Look no further with the latest designs and technology from our partners.

Custom designed just for you

Form follows function