Storage solutions

No matter what sized kitchen you have, we have a huge range of innovative storage solutions to optimise your space.

Cabinet storage

All of our cabinets come with internal shelving as standard, however there are some modern innovations that can upgrade how you utilise your cupboard space.

Blind corner storage

Optimisation solutions for those annoying blind corners – from kidney pull outs to Lazy Susan’s.

Carousel storage

Storage solutions for 360 degree access to your kitchen cupboard space.

Larders and pull outs

Make the most of all your unit space with pull out drawers and larders.

Drawer storage

Drawers are becoming more and more popular in kitchens, while functional sometimes drawers can take up a lot of unused space, our drawer solutions can help minimise this and organise your kitchen.

Hidden and internal drawers

Our drawers hidden within units can help you utilise wasted space at the back of the unit and keep organised.

Drawer systems

We have many different drawer systems and dresser units to make sure all your space is being used for storage.

Drawer organisers

These inserts can help organise your utensils, cutlery, pots and pans, spices, knifes and make your kitchen easy to use.

Bespoke storage

Depending on your needs Ashton Lewis Kitchens can design and offer bespoke storage systems for your kitchen.

Spice racks

Available as a custom designed unit or as an insert.

Wine racks

Available as a custom designed unit or to utilise additional space.


Open shelving can be a great addition to any kitchen.

Recycling and Bin storage

We can offer internal bin storage units to hide away your waste.

Butchers blocks

Specifically designed units for chopping and butchers blocks.

Knife blocks

This kitchen essential is available as a drawer insert or as separate items.

Pan storage

With these storage inserts you can utilise space for pan storage.

Utensil and cutlery

Keep you utensils organised with our fantastic drawer inserts.

Custom designed just for you

Form follows function